Bow and Bay

Bay and Bow Window Replacement and Installation in Fairfax County, VA.
This Bay Window Allows Plenty Of Natural Light and a Wider Field of View.

Bay or Bow Windows are windows that protrude outside the exterior wall of a building.  This is not only an architectural feature, but a space creator as well.  Bay and Bow windows also increase your visibility of the outside and give you a much wider field of view which also allows in much more light.

Bay windows are typically square or rectangular with very square angled edges.  Bow windows usually take on a rounded or more circular shape.

With Every Bow or Bay Window Installation We:

  • Discuss your Bay or Bow Window Options.
  • Answer any questions you might have.
  • Safely Remove and Dispose Of Your Old Window.
  • Clean and Thoroughly Inspect Your Window Frame.
  • Install Your New Window To Manufacturer Specifications.
  • Inspect Our Final Installation.

The differences between a good window installation and a bad window installation aren’t something that is easy to spot.  It’s well known among window professionals that the most important aspect of a window installation is the performance of the window!  And the window can only work the way it was intended if it was installed properly to begin with.  For this reason it’s important you let the Pro’s take care of your window and glass needs.

Bay or Bow Window Replacement in Fairfax County, VA

Do you already have an existing bay or bow window in your home or building?  Many homeowner choose to upgrade their existing bay and bow windows with more modern products.  The bay and bow windows of today are much more energy efficient then they were even 10 years ago and offer a variety of mounting and opening options as well.  If you want to replace your existing bay or bow window then we can help you.

Innovative Contracting is a full service window replacement and installation contractor specializing in Bay and Bow windows.  In addition to replacing your old, or broken bay window we can even put a new bow or bay window where there never was one before.  If you’re interested in a bay or bow window estimate then please give us a call today.