Playrooms and Rec Rooms

Turning Your Basement Into a Rec Room or a Play Room.
This Basement Was Transformed Into a Gaming Room.

Turning the basement into a play room or rec room is a popular basement remodeling idea, especially for families with young children.  Transforming your basement into a safe area for the kids to play or hangout is a great way to get more use out of your basement.

Innovative Contracting is a full service home remodeling contractor serving the Fairfax County area.  We specialize in transforming basements into beautiful new usable spaces within your home.  Turning your basement into a play room is something we can help you with.

Usually a play room would include electrical hookups for an entertainment system and any gaming or sound systems.  Appropriate flooring, many people choose carpet, but laminate or even vinyl or tile is much easier to clean and won’t look so bad after a few years of kids running around on it.

Transform Your Fairfax County Basement into a Playroom

  • Safe area for your kids to play
  • Keep toys and other items out of the way
  • More usable space in your home

Your kids are sure to have lots of fun in their own safe playing environment full of their toys and entertainment. Parents can be at ease knowing their children are playing safe, while keeping the rest of house uncluttered with children’s toys.  There won’t be any more scratches on the wood floors or dings in the drywall and furniture throughout your home.  These rooms work great for young children who will enjoy this space safely with their friends for sleep overs, birthday parties and other events that kids enjoy.

As your child grows older they will appreciate the personal space that your modified basement provides so they can listen to music, study and yes… Play video games.

If you’d like to transform your Fairfax County basement into a play room or a rec room then give Innovative Contracting a call today.  We’ll come out to your home and have a look at your basement, take some measurements and get back to you with an accurate estimate.